Quality supportive shoes help make your cycling experience better.  Ask your sports store about the right shoe for your sport - are you flat pedal or cleat.  If cleated get the stiffest sole you can afford if you are not walking any particular distance in the shoe..just pedalin!
Same with clothing.  The world of "technical clothing" is here to stay.  Cotton and nylon just doesn't cut it.  You'll never enjoy outdoors with this IF there is any chance of precipitation.  Sure if you are lucky that weather is certainly clear and you won't sweat , you'll not have damp cotton that can make you cold.  But if you invest in the breathable, but warm and even wind resistant fabrics out there...oh my..your outdoor activity world will open up to longer minutes and mightier pleasures.
SPECIALIZED products offer me the best in quality shoes ; ones that have inherent arch support in the sole and the insole, various layers of short sleeve, long sleeve, wind resistant jackets or vests or warmer coats that are breathable and wind resistant which I use all winter cross country skiing plus in cooler biking season.  
SPECIALIZED apparel is at Gerick's in Trail and offers some of the best priced, good quality outdoor cycling and seasonal cross-over clothing I have had the pleasure to experience.