You can be toasty warm with minimal bulk and good ventilation.  Riding in fall in BC or in southern Canada for that matter means light layer underneath and thermal wind deflect on top.  Simple as that.  For feet you can use neoprene booties but the deluxe option is DEFROSTER Specialized winter riding shoes ( which I start using in September to November and April - May)  Two pairs of riding gloves are required : either a heavy pair and a medium or a medium and a heavy.  If you are lucky and you can leave the house with one pair and it works for the ups and the downs, for mid morning temps to mid afternoon indeed are lucky.  
My typical outfit for riding this time of year:  SPECIALIZED APPAREL
0C- 10C     Defroster boots, Specialized signature wool sock, Therminal Deflect tights!! with additional inner chamois short, Long sleeve jersey, Therminal Deflect jacket, Skull beanie under helmet, start with Radiant glove and change to Deflect glove once climbing or heated up!
10C -15C    Specialized wool socks in shoes, Specialized RBX shorts with Therminal knee or leg warmers, Shortsleeve Team jersey and Aqua Veto jacket as slightly warmer than deflect windbreaker.  Start ride with BG Deflect glove and change to BG gel long finger as temp rises.