I've had 6 rides on this bike and can only say "wow".   There is nothing it can not do like my Specialized Safire.  
The rumors I heard about 29'ers just aren't true with this RUMOR!

No problem downhill tight switchbaks.  No problem manoeuvring at all.   I still have to dial in high speed cornering, mainly because I don't know the bike but slow speed steep tight corners don't faze me.  No problem with feeling too high off the ground - Specialized centered the frame nicely between the wheels ; it just fits.  No problem with gearing: as easy to push the pedals and wheels as my 26er.

Since I can't find anything 'wrong' or 'lacking' with this beautiful bike, I'll continue just telling you what is better about it than my 26'er:
1.  Getting through obstacles both flat, up or downward is easier.
2.  29'er takes the 'Bump out of BC' - just a plain smoother ride.  And BC is bumpy, let's face it!
3  .Climbing feels more efficient over the long haul?  Please tell me the physics of this.....
4.  The 110mm suspension feels absolutely adequate for technical cross country terrain- surprising as I have come
      from a 140mm front fork Safire.  Less suspension generally means less overall bike weight! Yay.
5.  More to come as I will ride both bikes more and compare...stay tuned!